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Bleu Blanc Rouge Festival 2015

Bleu Blanc Rouge Festival 2015

08 July 2015

Apromo Trading will be an exhibitor at the Bleu Blanc Rouge festival!

The BBR French World Festival is an annual celebration of the French speaking world, held at Circular Quay in Sydney, in the forecourt of Customs House. It runs over 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10th to 12th July 2015.
For more info see: www.bbrfestival.com.au

We will run a stall selling gourmet foods from our range, particulally foods from France and French speaking Belgium, including:
Retail packs of Belcolade couveture.
Galler chocolate bars.
Dolfin chocolate bars and Dolfin drinking flakes.
Monbana drinking chocolate.
Carlier nougat.
Redez Vous fruit flavoured candies.
La Delicieuse savoury sauces.
Pasquier Macarons.
Gourmond Croissants.
And more…

Emmanuel Mollois, patissier and chocolate chef, will be running master class demonstrations. We will have copies of his book Patissier, and you may be able to talk him into signing one for you.

If you love French gourmet foods, come visit us for we love to talk to fellow food lovers.

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