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Fine Food Fair 2016

Fine Food Fair 2016

05 September 2016

Apromo Trading will be exhibiting at Fine Food Australia 2016

This is a major trade show held in Melbourne where we present our brands and products to food professionals such as chefs, hoteliers, caterers, manufacturers and others. Attendance is restricted to industry members and requires registration, so do follow the links to register prior to the show.

Save $30 by using our promo code INVITE when you register free prior to the show at: www.FineFoodAustralia.com.au

Fine Food Fair stand logo

Fine Food Australia will have over 1000 exhibitors and many expert presentations. Come along for 4 days of inspiration! Throughout the event, you can also experience exciting industry recognised competitions, live demonstrations, masterclasses, interactive experiences and new seminars and panel discussions by industry experts and leaders.

The show will be held from 12th to 15th September at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition centre.

Find Apromo Trading at stand HQ36.

Fine Food Fair banner image and logo

Visitors to our stall will be tempted with tastings of various chocolates, fresh baked pastries and other delicacies.

Dominique’s Recipes

Dominique Van Droogenbroeck
Chef Dominique Van Droogenbroeck will be demonstrating the following recipes at our stall.


Demonstrated 11am Monday to Thursday: Friand using PTF Frianvit and BEL501

PTF Frianvit

Bring the butter to a boil, add the water and PTF Frianvit, mix until it is homogenous.
Bake at 180 degrees.

Chocolate Caramel Tart

Demonstrated 1pm Monday to Thursday: Choc caramel tart using Pidy tart shell, PUR Deli Caramel, BEL501 and Dobla decoration

Pidy mini trendy tart shell
Puratos deli Caramel
Dobla decoration

Make a ganache with the chocolate and cream, fill the tart shell with the ganache and let set. Pipe a rosette of Deli caramel on top of the ganache and decorate with a Dobla decoration.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Demonstrated 3pm Monday to Thursday: Chocolate Mousse Cake x 2, finished with PTF chocolate glaze, PTF cold mirror glaze and Dobla decoration

Cream #1
Cream #2
PTF Cold Mirror Glaze
PTF Dark Chocolate Glaze
Dobla Decoration

Make a ganache using the chocolate and cream #1, fold in some semi whipped cream (#2), once set in the freezer, glaze the mouse using the PTF dark Chocolate Glaze at 40 degrees, decorate with Dobla Decoration.

Chocolate Cup

Demonstrated 5pm Monday to Thursday: Chocolate cup using Dobla Choc cup, PUR Deli Caramel, BEL501, popping candy, and Tres Original Gold Leaves

Dobla Chocolate Cup
Puratos Deli Caramel
Popping Candy
Tres Original Gold Leaves

Make a ganache with the chocolate and cream and let it cool down.
Fill 1/3 of a chocolate cup with Deli Caramel, sprinkle some popping candy.
Fill up the rest of the cup with the chocolate ganache. Decorate with a gold leaf.

Profiterole Tart

Demonstrated 7pm Monday only: Choux or Eclair using Pidy shell, PTF Delicecreme, PTF Starfruit, PTF Starfix, PTF Cold Miror Glaze

Pidy tart shell
Puratos Deli Caramel
Pidy choux shell
PTF Delicecream
CHT Transfer sheet

Pipe a thin layer of Puratos Deli Caramel in a Pidy tart shell.
Make a pastry cream using PTF Delicecreme and milk, fill up the choux with that pastry cream. Dip the choux on the tempered chocolate and let set on a transfer sheet.

Filip’s Recipes

Chef Filip Tibos will be demonstrating the following recipes at our stall.

Sophie’s Passion

Demonstrated 12:00 Monday to Thursday

Butter cream:
PTF1373 Patisfrance butter cream preparation 150g
Unsalted butter at room temperature 250g
PTF0237 Starfruit passion fruit purée 80g

To finish:
CON13213 Confiletas mini round sweet butter tartlets 10
BEL605 Belcolade drops white melted 50g
DOB77227 Dobla pebbles pastel
CHT70017CCX small pearls green
PTF5619 pralicrac chocolate Blanc 50g
PTF1809 milk chocolate mirror glaze 150g

In a bowl of a kitchen aid, put the butter cream preparation with the room temperature butter. Mix using the whisk attachment for 5 minutes. Add the passion fruit purée.
Pipe small amount of the pralicrac white chocolate in the tart shells. Place in the freezer for a few minutes to set. Cover the pralicrac with melted white Belcolade chocolate.
Pipe passionfruit butter cream in the tart shell and return to the freezer.
Warm Patisfrance milk chocolate miroir glaze to 36 degrees and dip the passionfruit butter cream in the milk chocolate miroir glaze.
Decorate with green pearls and Dobla pastel pebbles.

Camera Obscura

Demonstrated 14:00 Monday to Thursday

Butter cream:
PTF1373 Patisfrance butter cream preparation 75g
Unsalted butter at room temperature 125g
PTF2523 Pralirex pistachio paste 99% 15g

To finish:
BEL501 Belcolade drops dark melted 100g
PUR1639 deli caramel 50g
DOB77233 rectangular wood milk 2
DOB77081 toadstool rounds 4
DOB72182 rose white/dark 4
DOB57405 crispies 50g
DOB71552 mini elegance 4
CCW70000 truffle shells white 4
CRE3201 nano Pharos white 2
LEM13169 spheres gold 2
LEM51310 mushrooms on leaf sugar 19mm
CHT40299CCT bees 4
PA61298 Pasquier macarons chocolate 2
DOB73259 Eureka striped square 2

In a bowl of a kitchen aid, put the butter cream preparation with the room temperature butter. Mix using the whisk attachment for 5 minutes. Add the Pralirex pistachio paste 99%.
Fill truffle shells with deli caramel.
Position chocolate, macaron and sugar decorations on the rectangular wood milk strip with the melted dark Belcolade. Pipe the pistachio butter cream into the rose dark and white and stick onto the wood milk strip.

TIC-TOC Swiss Clock

Demonstrated 16:00 Monday

PA61298 Pasquier macarons 9
PTF0632 dark chocolate miroir 150g
PTF1809 milk chocolate miroir 150g
PTF1775 white chocolate miroir 150g
DOB77223 spots original dark/milk/white
BEL501 Belcolade drops dark melted 100g
DOB71178 spear white/dark 6
DOB77247 flamingo rectangular 3

Warm chocolate miroir to 30 degrees. Skewer frozen Pasquier macarons and dip into the miroir glaze. Repeat twice more but this time dip into milk and white chocolate miroir glaze.
Make clock hands and dial with the melted dark Belcolade and attach to the macaron.
Position 3 clocks on the flamingo rectangular chocolate plaque.

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