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PatisFrance Mini Masterclass

PatisFrance Mini Masterclass

02 April 2017

At Apromo Trading we are happy to provide technical support to our customers. In late March 2017, Filip Tibos, our Victorian Foodservice and Ingredients Manager, assisted our valued customer The Grain Emporium in passing on the latest skills and techniques to their staff. Filip demonstrated how to use PatisFrance Miroir Glazes to finish off some of their new pastries.

Product details of the PatisFrance Miroir Glazes are available on our website: PatisFrance Miroir Glazes

For more information about The Grain Emporium’s breads and pastries, visit their website: www.thegrainemporium.com.au

Filip working. Glazed cake. Glazed tarts.

Happy baking.

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