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Mise en Place 2017 Melbourne

Mise en Place 2017 Melbourne

05 July 2017

This Melbourne trade event was held at River’s Edge on Monday 3rd July 2017, run by Gault&Millau Australia. Apromo Trading is proud to exhibit at Mise en Place and to support the event by presenting one of the masterclasses for the professional development of attendees. The event was attended by hundreds of industry professionals and featured dozens of exhibitors.

Masterclass: Chocolate in Patisserie

Pastry chef Filip Tibos presented Chocolate in Patisserie a masterclass demonstrating some of his techniques for creating the temping dessert Pomme Caramel Amer.

Pomme Caramel Amer Filip teaching his masterclass.

Recipe: Pomme Caramel Amer

Dobla sphere red lustre dark (DOB18123)
PatisFrance cold miroir plus glaze neutral (PTF2456)
PatisFrance miroir plus glaze caramel 500g (PTF1796)
PatisFrance praline almond-hazelnut 50g (PTF2674)
Popping candy (PNZ002)
Deli caramel filling (PUR1639)
Bronze food colour (DRD157S)
Dobla’s nature inspired decorations

PatisFrance Starfix IP40 × 500g (PTF1571)
PatisFrance Starfruit apple puree x 250g (PTF5233)
Lemon puree/juice x 50g

Heat up the glaze with the puree, cool to 25 degrees.

Fresh cream 500g
Granulated sugar 75g
Glucose 90g (SUG43)
Fresh lemon peel strips
Cinnamon stick 1
Star anise 1
Belcolade white intense 28.5% chocolate 520g (BEL516G)
Belcolade cocoa butter 120g (BELCB1B4)
Unsalted soft butter 120g
Cinnamon powder 2g

Heat the cream, lemon strips, cinnamon stick and star anise.
Leave it to infuse. Caramelize the sugar dry until lightly brown, add the glucose.
Re-heat the cream and add carefully to the caramel. Strain the mixture. Add the white chocolate, cocoa butter and cinnamon powder and mix with a hand blender. When the filling is at 35 degrees add the butter and mix again.

Fresh cream 500 g
Belcolade dark chocolate 70% 500g (BEL740JB1IN)
PatisFrance cold miroir plus glaze neutral 100g (PTF2456)

Simmer cream, pour onto chocolate and leave to infuse for a few minutes. Mix with a hand blender. Add cold miroir glaze and blend again. Leave the ganache to set for 24 hours.

Pipe a layer of Deli caramel filling into the Dobla sphere shell.
When the pommes caramel ganache filling is at 25 degrees, pipe a layer of the filing into the Dobla sphere shell half.
Next pipe in a layer of jellified apple coulis and sprinkle with popping candy.
Now pipe again a layer of deli caramel filling.
Finish by piping in another layer of pommes caramel ganache.
Warm the PatisFrance miroir plus glaze caramel to 38 degrees, add the almond- hazelnut praline and a little bronze colour then mix with hand blender. Cool to 25 degrees and coat the filled sphere shell.
Place pommes caramel amer on the plate, decorate with Dobla’s nature inspired decorations, and some of the jellified coulis, deli caramel and 2 quenelles of the ganache amer.


As these photos show we offered tasting samples of Belgian couverture drops made from cocoa beans sourced from individual countries.
We also caught up with valued customers:
Bonbons Bakery
Sissys Gourmet Delights
Monsieur Truffe
and others.

Chocolate display on the Apromo Trading stand. Filip with happy customers.
Filip with happy customers. Filip with happy customers.

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