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Dis-Moi Dix Mots

Dis-Moi Dix Mots

26 March 2018

Apromo Trading was proud to sponsor “Dis-Moi Dix Mots”.

This was a photography competition hosted by Alliance Française de Sydney. Like all Alliance Française activities it promoted the French language and culture. Each year during the third week of March, the International Day of La Francophonie gathers lovers of the French language all around the world. On this occasion, the Alliance Française de Sydney, the Consulate General of Switzerland in Sydney, the Consulate General of Canada in Sydney and The Belgium Trade Office in Sydney organised this photo contest focusing on 10 French words. Participants were invited to submit a photo inspired by one of the ten French words. The public was invited to vote.

The ten words for the theme “Tell Me Ten Words” were:
Griot, Griotte
Truculent, ente

Guy Roose from Apromo Trading presented a gift hamper at the event awards ceremony. Not only a source of chocolate, Guy is also a keen photographer and fluent in French.

The top photos of the competition will be on display at Alliance Française de Sydney for one week from Monday 26th March 2018.

More information about the competition

For the list of winners visit Alliance Française

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