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Pie Pot Quiche - Lincoln Bakery Training

Pie Pot Quiche - Lincoln Bakery Training

07 May 2018

Keith from Lincoln Bakery visited Apromo Head office in Rhodes to provide product knowledge training for staff. Lincoln Bakery supplies Apromo Trading with pastry shells which they manufacture in New Zealand. Keith Murphy is their General Manager and claims his role is more co-ordinating machines and people than cooking. Particularly relevant is his claim that the pie pot pastry shells do not need great cooking expertise to use. His cooking demonstration was certainly entertaining and the results tasty and popular amongst us.

Lincoln Bakery 85mm pie pots

Working with an impromptu temporary kitchen in our staff lunch room, he prepared the pie pots with an egg wash to their inside surface.
For the filling Keith cooked bacon, mushrooms and onion, then mixed them in with egg, milk, uncooked broccoli, self raising flour, grated cheddar cheese, fetta cheese, and pepper.
Fill only to 5mm below the pastry line to allow the filling to rise. Sprinkle on 1cm cubes of fetta cheese. Arrange on a baking tray with a thumb width between shells to allow heat to access all sides.
No pre-heating of the pie pots but yes to pre-heating the oven. 20 minutes baking.
The resulting quiches had a artisanal look, crispy pastry, risen filling, and tasted wonderful. Kieth humbly pressed his point that one does not need great expertise or be a chef to create successful results with these pie pots. He was quite proud of his products which are unique in the market. They are suitable for businesses with low cooking skills.

In manufacturing, the pie pots are pressed under high temperature and pressure then air dried, producing very thin walls with straight sides. This means the finished application can have a lot of content versus little pastry, in the order of 80% content and 20% pastry. This is proportionally much less pastry in the finished product than other brands, which allows for healthier options depending upon the filling.

The pie pots are neutral in taste so suitable for sweet and savoury applications but in practice are more often used for savoury dishes.

He discussed future products still in development phase.

Keith from Lincoln Bakery Keith from Lincoln Bakery Keith from Lincoln Bakery
Keith from Lincoln Bakery Keith from Lincoln Bakery Keith from Lincoln Bakery
Keith from Lincoln Bakery Keith from Lincoln Bakery Keith Murphy

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