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Filip Returns From Chocolate University

Filip Returns From Chocolate University

18 June 2018

Investing in staff expertise means more than recruiting skilled professionals but also developing expertise. In June 2018 we sent our Melbourne based pastry chef and chocolatier Filip Tibos to attend an exclusive masterclass at Chocolate University in Bruges, Belgium. The week long study course had a central theme of flavour approached via the four focal points of technique, innovation, future and culture. Included were theory lessons, demonstrations and practical applications.

The course was an opportunity to share in the expertise from chocolate experts including:

  • Stéphane Leroux
  • Dominique Persoone
  • Julien Simonis
  • Eddy Van Belle
  • Michel Eyckerman
  • Jeffrey De
  • Guido Vandenbussche
  • David Redon
  • Patrick Devos
  • Sylvestre Awono
  • Melissa Camerlinck
    To learn more about these people read up on the professors of Chocolate University

The training was covered by Belgian TV channel Focus WTV. We can share their video clip.

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Below are some very short video clips showing various procedures during the practical lessons.

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