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Victorian TAFE Patisserie Challenge 2019

Victorian TAFE Patisserie Challenge 2019

17 July 2019

Apromo Trading was proud to sponsor this event which is held to promote excellence and encourage achievement within Victoria’s Patisserie student community. This premier competition founded in 2019 at Holmesglen is open to students from Victorian Institutes only, with only one team per Institute. All students must be apprentices and enrolled in Certificate III & IV in Patisserie. Each competing team produced a large entremet and 6 small entremets.

The competition was held on 10th July 2019 at Holmesglen – Waverley Campus in Glen Waverley VIC.

Filip Tibos was the Chief Judge for this event, the other judges were Hayden Grech from Vanrooy and Luke Johnson from Glace.

Filip reported the competition was of a high level, however, no gold medal was awarded but 2 shared silver and 2 shared bronze. The scoring percentages were very close within the bronze and silver category, but just not enough to get a gold. All teams produced beautiful entremets to be proud of. Well done!

DSC 4483A DSC 4493A
DSC 4506A DSC 4502A
DSC 4511A DSC 4512A
DSC 4510A DSC 4592A
DSC 4520A DSC 4521A
DSC 4522A DSC 4526A
DSC 4555A DSC 4557A
DSC 4560A DSC 4622A
DSC 4667A DSC 4693A
DSC 4669A DSC 4683A
DSC 4746A DSC 4747A
DSC 4733A DSC 4751A
DSC 4750A DSC 4749A
DSC 4728A DSC 4712A
DSC 4711A DSC 4698A
DSC 4752A DSC 4727A
DSC 4500A DSC 4488A
DSC 4490A DSC 4486A

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