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Hot Cross Buns Drive at Holmesglen 2023

Hot Cross Buns Drive at Holmesglen 2023

12 May 2023

Apromo is proud to have supported the @Holmesglen Hot Cross Buns Drive for Charity, and this year we used our Caramel Milk to create delicious Milk chocolate caramel hot cross buns with Belcolade.

Watch the video of this year’s event and see how Guido Pozzebon from Holmesglen set up and ran this successful fundraiser for 7 years. This year’s charity, Hospo in Mind, is close to the hearts of our industry as it raises funds for mental health in hospitality. With recent events affecting the Australian hospitality community, this is an important and current charity goal that we are proud to support.

What is “Holmesglen Hot Cross Buns Drive” :

Each year we make and sell hot cross buns as a way to raise money for a deserving charity or hospitality initiative. The hospitality industry has faced some very tough challenges through COVID and post COVID and we wanted this year’s Hot Cross Bun Drive to support the industry that we are training students to enter.


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