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ISM Trade Fair 2024

ISM Trade Fair 2024

14 February 2024

In late January, our team journeyed to Cologne, Germany, for the ISM Trade Fair (ISM_28–31 Jan 2024), the International Confectionery Trade Fair meeting with key suppliers. Amidst bustling crowds, we explored the latest confectionery trends and engaged in fruitful discussions with suppliers. With a focus on quality, we discovered exquisite sweets to bring back to Australia. After the fair, we toured our supplier’s factory, gaining firsthand insight into their craftsmanship. This experience deepened our understanding and strengthened our collaboration. Departing Europe, we carry with us both exceptional sweets and cherished memories of a successful journey.

Stay tuned! in the coming months we will have new product arriving! Ask your sales person for details!

[Attached photos showcase highlights from our time at the ISM Trade Show and our visit to our supplier’s factory.]


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