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Hot Cross Buns Drive at Holmesglen 2024

Hot Cross Buns Drive at Holmesglen 2024

03 May 2024

Hot Cross Buns Drive at Holmesglen 2024 Full video

Join us in celebrating another successful year of the Holmesglen Hot Cross Buns Drive! With your incredible support, we raised $1,953 for the Burnt Chef Project, a charity dedicated to mental health in the culinary community.

This year, our irresistible hot cross buns were enhanced with the finest Belgian chocolate from #BELCOLADE, creating delectable treats that had everyone coming back for more.

As proud supporters of the Holmesglen Hot Cross Buns Drive, Apromo Trading extends a big thank you to everyone involved!

Watch the video featuring Guido Pozzebon @guidop691 and the whole Holmesglen team as they organised this fantastic fundraiser for the eighth year in a row. The Burnt Chef Project holds special significance for us, addressing mental health challenges in the culinary world.

Did you know 4 out of 5 hospitality pros face mental health issues? The Burnt Chef Project educates and supports them, aiming for a healthier industry. Let’s make a difference together, one bun at a time. Thanks for your support!

What is “Holmesglen Hot Cross Buns Drive” :

Each year, Holmesglen hosts a Hot Cross Bun Drive to raise funds for worthy charities or hospitality initiative. Given the challenges encountered by the hospitality industry, we’ve chosen to focus this year’s drive on supporting the sector we’re preparing our students to enter.

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